Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for applying to be our volunteer. We will, in accordance with the needs of Ronald McDonald House, arrange for you to attend an interview, a training session and to take part in the volunteer service. As applications are numerous, your patience is much appreciated. In the event that there is temporarily no suitable volunteer opportunity for you, your personal information will be retained in our volunteer data base for future contact. Before you complete the application form, please evaluate the commitment to be made and the responsibilities to be borne, as our volunteers play a major role in supporting the operations of Ronald McDonald House. It is necessary for you to provide your personal information in the required fields marked with ‘*’ and to insert ‘✓’ to the boxes below, as otherwise we will be unable to process your application.

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Personal Information Collection Statement

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hong Kong (RMHC) undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate, securely kept and used only for purposes for which they have been collected. To safeguard your interest, RMHC will only handle correspondence for the contact person/organization registered on this form. RMHC intends to use your personal data (name, telephone number, fax number, email and mailing addresses) for the purposes to provide you with information of RMHC, fundraising and appeal, activities invitation as well as for survey collection. However, we cannot so use your personnel data unless we have received your consent. Upon your request at any time and at no charge, we will cease to use your personal data. You may contact us at 2947 8778 for enquiry or updating of your personal data.


  1. To respect the privacy of patients and staff. Apart from issues that are appropriate for discussion during meetings with staff, I should refrain from revealing any information, which I hear, see or read at the House, on private occasions.
  2. I understand that the House is a place where patients receive treatment and recover. Providing volunteer service in such environment may expose the volunteers to the risk of being infected by disease. I also understand that I will attend an infection-control training program, from which I will acquire the knowledge and skills of infection prevention. I will also follow all guidelines in respect of disease prevention measures provided by the staff, in order to protect my health and that of others.
  3. To provide service to the House without any guarantee of receiving compensation or employment in the future.
  4. To report to the relevant staff any accidents or injuries which involve myself when providing volunteer service.
  5. To dress properly and wear the volunteer identity card issued by the House, when providing volunteer service.
  6. To stop participating in any on-going or up-coming volunteer activities if I do not feel well or have a fever.
  7. To inform the designated staff if I am unable to show up on time, due to illness or fever, or any other reasons.
  8. To be punctual at work and endeavour to provide service, or to provide prior notification if I am unable to carry out my duty, so that other arrangements can be made.
  9. I also agree that during the course of providing volunteer service, I will not participate in any commercial activities.
  10. I hereby declare that I have not been convicted of any child sexual-related criminal offence before a court of law.

I hereby confirm that all the data provided above is correct and is true. I have read and agreed with all the terms and conditions above.

I understand that before accepting any volunteer work, I will have to go through an interview, training and orientation activities. I also understand that Ronald McDonald House reserves the right to terminate my registration as a volunteer, under the following circumstances: (a) I fail to abide by the policies, regulations or ordinances of Ronald McDonald House, or (b) I fail to show up without prior notice, or (c) my working attitude and performance are unsatisfactory, or (d) under any conditions, the House considers that my volunteer work is not beneficial to the House.