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Keeping sick children close to their families

Reading can help children improve their reading comprehension skills, grammatical knowledge and critical thinking.  Through the “READING PROGRAM 2018-2019” of Ronald McDonald House Charities® Hong Kong (RMHC Hong Kong), children not only read more, but also read for the community.  The program recruits young readers to raise fund for the charity’s operation so as to keep the sick children and their families close during difficult times. ,Throughout the years, over hundred primary schools and kindergarten have joined our program! On behalf of the sick children and their families, we sincerely invite your school to participate in this program and contribute to the community.   

Ronald McDonald House® (RMH) is the cornerstone project of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Established in 1996 in Shatin, RMHC Hong Kong was Asia’s RMH that provides “home-away-from-home” service to families with seriously ill children who received medical treatment in the nearby hospital. Generally speaking, sick children that stay in RMHC Hong Kong are suffering from serious-illnesses such as cancer, trauma, burns and bone marrow transplant. 

The House equipped with 23 family rooms including 1 isolation suite specially conceived for bone marrow transplant patients, a common kitchen, living and dining room, library, computers, and indoor as well as outdoor play areas. RMHC Hong Kong has provided family-centered care service to more than 5,000 sick children and their families

The application of this meaningful campaign starts from1 November 2018 this year. Your students can use their reading skills to benefit the community and give love to the sick children and their families! Together, we can make a difference! Encourage your students to join the program today. Should you have any queries, please contact Ms. Law at 2947-8778 or email:

Yours Sincerely,
Iris Wong Ting Ting
Executive Director



讀好書 籌善款

培養良好閱讀習慣是孩子學習和成長的重要元素。過去多年,麥當勞叔叔之家慈善基金®都舉辦「讀樂樂顯愛心」閱讀計劃,目的是鼓勵小朋友閱讀及對別人有愛心,讓兒童及青少年培養 正確的人生觀及公民責任,現時已超過一百間小學及幼稚園曾參與此計劃!我們誠意邀請貴校 參與此項有義意的計劃。

香港麥當勞叔叔之家™於一九九六年成立,是麥當勞叔叔之家慈善基金核心計劃之一,亦是亞 洲首個麥當勞叔叔之家服務計劃,為病童及其家人提供「臨時家園」。院舍設施包括二十三間 家庭客房,其中一間為隔離套房,專為骨髓移植手術後的病童而興建。此外,更設有公用廚 房、客廳和飯廳、圖書館、電腦、室內以及室外遊樂區等,目的是在醫院附近提供的衛生而舒 適的「家以外的家」服務,讓家人可以專心照料病童。

至今,麥當勞叔叔之家已為逾 5,000 個病童及其家人提供「家以外之家」的服務,而入住的病 童主要患有癌症、腫瘤、嚴重燒傷以及接受骨髓移植等。此外,院舍熱心的義工樂於為病童家 庭服務,而病童和家人的互動有助彼此鼓勵和支持,以保持正面樂觀的心情,面對治療的過 程。 

今年的「讀樂樂顯愛心」閱讀計劃將於2018 年 11 月 1 日正式開始,參加閱讀計劃的同學,不但可以從閱讀中獲益,更能藉此活動幫助有需要的病童及其家人, 同時亦為麥當勞叔叔之家籌募營運經費。你們的捐款可以將希望和祝福帶給每一個病童及其家人。 

如對計劃有任何查詢,歡迎致電 2947-8778 或電郵至羅小姐聯絡。

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